Cybersecurity Myths

Cybercriminals only target big businesses:   WRONG!

This is one of the most common cybersecurity myths we hear from businesses we work with. Many small to medium size companies are under the impression their business is safe from cyber-attacks because hackers primarily target large corporations. While cybercriminals do  occasionally infiltrate the network of companies like Yahoo and Target, these attacks are less common than those inflicted on smaller organizations.

Small to medium size businesses are more at risk than larger corporations because cybercriminals know they are less likely to have advanced security measures in place to protect their network. Hackers also use smaller organizations as a pivot point to access the data of larger corporations.

Cybersecurity is a multifaceted, high maintenance aspect of your business that’s necessary to your success. You wouldn’t put your health in the hands of non-board certified doctor, so don’t put the security of your business in the hands of someone without the IT security expertise to manage your IT infrastructure.

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