As the internet grows, data grows. As data grows, the number of data breaches grow.

The number of notable data breaches topped 1,300 last year, versus fewer than 200 in 2005.

Quantity of data stolen (2004-2017)
Quantity of data stolen (2004-2017) by

As portrayed in this data graphic (and the others that I will post at the bottom of this post), we can see that most of the data that these companies manage were hacked by an outside source. With the Yahoo case, 1 billion records were comprised back in 2013 but it was only disclosed in 2016. The data that was stolen included names, date of birth, passwords, and security questions.

With all that data being comprised, a valuable website to utilize is: Have I Been Pwned. By entering your email, you can check to see if an account that has been compromised in a data breach. If you scroll down on the same site, you can see the recent breaches and the largest breaches to data.

Data is all around us and yes that data can be hacked. Our last post (Top 5 Cybersecurity Tips) mentioned simple ways to protect your most sensitive data.

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