We offer services focused on our strengths: Cybersecurity awareness, Records Management, and Information Management.

Program Design

This service provides a custom designed Security Awareness program that is tailored to the needs of the organization and their culture. The program includes the identification of the unique cultures that require individualized Awareness programs, integration of metrics, recommendations of topics to be addressed by the program, components that will best suit the different cultures, and a delivery schedule.

Awareness Content Design

Already have a program and just need cyber security awareness content? Our designers come from top advertising and marketing firms and have designed content to bolster some of the most well know brands around the world.  We offer web, graphic, and video design.

Security Awareness Event Support

We have extensive experience conceiving and executing a wide variety of Security Awareness related events. We provide direction and support on how to create and hold a wide variety of events, displays, games, exercises, etc. We provide world class speakers for in-house events, details on creating Computer Security Awareness Month digital signage and campaigns, among many other outreach efforts. We provide any level of support required to enhance Security Awareness.

Security Policy & Standards Review

Our review process examines the polices and standards that are the management and operational framework of your business. We will examine current polices and standards for gaps and, if required, assist the client in creation of new ones.

Data Compliance

Our data compliance service is focused on helping organizations comply with regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and NYDFS, 23 NYCRR 500, CCPA. Our approach focuses on three key areas.

  • Data Inventory Development
  • Data Minimization
  • Vendor Risk Profiling

Records & Information Management

We offer a wide variety of Records Management services that span from program assessments to program implementation.

  • Records Management program assessment
  • Records Management program design and roadmap
  • Records Management advisory services

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